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Exterior Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning is a necessary service task to allow natural lighting to enter the interior spaces, and to favor an impeccable cleaning aspect. But many times the effort made in the exterior window cleaning services does not translate into good results, and when we finally contemplate the finished task, we can see, especially in the brighter days, the corrosion produced by the wipes used, dirt in the corners, or even debris and lint detached by the rags or wipes used in the cleaning process, forcing you to continue insisting on each of the faces of the glass over and over again.

Window Washing Services Step By Step

Before starting to perform these cleaning tasks, if your floors are made of wood or carpet, it is always necessary to protect them from possible accidents due to the spillage of water or products that you are going to use.


To protect the floor, use some plastic, cardboard, or if you do not have these, at least some large and absorbent rags that avoid direct contact of liquids that may fall.


Window And Glass Cleaning Guide

Window cleaning should not be carried out as a rule in isolation, without also including the cleaning of frames, handles, window profiles, and blinds.


It is only necessary to perform a specific review at some point in the glass when the cleaning of windows and windows is very recent, and a new isolated stain appears, for a fingerprint, let's take the case.


Usually, after removing curtains, curtains, bars, or blinds, we will begin by cleaning the interior frames.

If the window is sliding and has rails, we will proceed to remove the dust from them, adapting the most suitable utensil to our vacuum cleaner in order to access the space between profiles.


In any case, before wetting, it is convenient to remove all the dust that perches in the most difficult access spaces to prevent dirt from solidifying with water.


If the appropriate accessory is not available, or there is no vacuum, dust can be removed from the most difficult areas with a brush and a rag.


Next, the frames must be cleaned with a cloth moistened with a solution of ammonia water, in the case of PVC profiles, or aluminum, or a solution with water and vinegar cleaning, in the case of wooden frames.


Pass another wet but drained cloth, removing the remains of dirt, and rinsing in a bucket or bucket with water, as many times as necessary, and finally with a dry cloth to remove the remains of moisture.


In all berry rinse processes, it is advisable to change the water used as many times as necessary to obtain good results.

Office Window Cleaning Products Specific To This Task Can Also Be Used


In a professional cleaning, ionized water is usually used to replace any product in cleaning and disinfection, obtaining effective results.


Then we will perform the same window cleaning operation on the outside.


It is very important to perform the previous cleaning of the frames and blinds in order prior to the cleaning of glass, leaving it for the end, and thus avoiding so that they can get dirty again later.


If it is a question of cleaning sliding windows, it is best to disassemble and lower the leaves, to be able to access the outside of the opening and the leaves better (if they are not large), but if you do not see yourself capable, or it is impossible, you can clean the dust of the contour that surrounds the window with a duster with telescopic handle.


The inner part of the blinds can be cleaned by lowering them completely and removing the dust first with a dry cloth.


Subsequently, use a cloth moistened in a solution of water with ammonia, in horizontal passes in parallel to the slats.


As in the case of the frames, the remains of dirt and water with ammonia must be removed with another wet and drained cloth, in passes also parallel to the slats, to dry finally using another cloth.


It is recommended to use an ammonia solution for its disinfectant cleaning power, and for not generating foam like most detergents or liquid soap, which are more difficult to remove later.


The outer or roller part of the blinds is cleaned in the same way, if you can access it, or you can disassemble the blinds if they are a drum.

Glass Cleaning Is Done As Follows

On the inside, unless there is a lot of dust from work or long-term abandonment, it will be sufficient to clean the glass, perform a scrubbing procedure by projecting soapy water previously introduced into a spray, spreading the solution throughout the glass. Then we will use a wet cloth and drained in water, and remove most of the soap and dirt, rinsing in water constantly. Finally, with a glass racket with a lip, we will make passes from the top of one side down and in a fan. On each pass, we will clean the racket's lip on a cloth, and continue making passes, until the entire surface is completed.

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With a totally dry and clean cloth of total composition in cotton, or specific cleaning cloth of glass that do not give off the fluff, we will correct possible corrosion or small remains of corners.


For the outer part of the glass, it is advisable to remove the dry powder previously, since normally more particles accumulate than in contact with moisture since they can cause scratching of the glass by the mud that is produced.


  • Products and utensils for cleaning windows and windows
  • Soapy water solution.
  • Ammonia in solution in equal parts with water.
  • White vinegar solution dissolved in water.
  • Commercial window cleaner.
  • Glass sponge or brush.
  • Microfiber glass cleaner cloths.
  • Glass Racket
  • Scrapers
  • Buckets, buckets, or buckets to hold water.
  • Vacuum cleaners (to clean window profiles)
  • Dusters
  • Brushes or brushes to clean profiles (if you do not have a vacuum)
  • 100% cotton rags.
  • Gloves


Tips When Proceeding To Clean The Glass


  • Never use cloths that can give off fluff.
  • Do not rub the glass if they have dust since you will possibly be able to scratch them.
  • Do not clean the glass when you have the sun on them, as you will double the time of the task and get worse results, by the rapid evaporation of moisture that will not allow you to remove all dirt.
  • The frequency in the cleaning of blinds will prevent the accumulation of dirt that is later more difficult to remove. Get used to routinely passing (on a weekly basis, for example) a duster or cloth on the inside following the direction of the slats to avoid the accumulation of dust.


Tricks To Remove Different Stains In Glass Cleaning

  • Remains of stickers or stickers:

Soak with alcohol or soapy water, until completely softened. Use a scraper and glass maker’s blade, with precise movements on the edge of the stain to be removed, avoiding scratching. Remove all traces of paper and if there are still traces of glue left, remove with alcohol or acetone. Finally, proceed to the cleaning of glass, as indicated in the previous section.

  • Paint or plaster stains:

To remove paint stains in the glass cleaning, the glass wiper blade can also be used by pressing on the edge of the glass, and if they are very resistant, it can be softened using a cloth moistened with acetone or solvent. Subsequently, perform the cleaning of glass as you usually do. In glass with paint or plaster stains, if it is small spot spots, it is better to remove using the dry scraper, and once removed, proceed to the usual cleaning.

Our Window Cleaning Company Tricks To Clean Glass


If you do not have 100% cotton rags at home to clean the glass, use the newspaper better than kitchen paper.


The cleaning of an interior glass of bathroom screens is very good using the same glass ceramic cleaning product, as it does not scratch the surface of the glass, but very well removes the remains of lime and soap, and thanks to its waxes, keep for a longer time clean.


Then you just have to remove constantly rinsing with the same shower hose, then dry with a cotton cloth, and you will get an impeccable cleaning of the glass of your shower screen.


We hope as always that our window cleaning company can help you when it comes to knowing how to clean windows and windows with our step-by-step manual.


And if you have to clean too many windows, or the windows to be cleaned are those of your office/industry, or are located in hard-to-reach places, do not hesitate to call us, and we will be happy to put you at your disposal as usual, and without any commitment.

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