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Things to Do in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles is a city that is known by many names; the city of Angels, the entertainment capital of the world among many others. The large Hollywood sign is a sight to behold and cruising down the palm tree lined boulevards is something that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. However, those are not the only things that LA is known for.

Los Angeles County is a beautiful city that is full of attractions. It doesn’t matter what your tastes are, there is always something to suit your fancy. Here is a list of some of the most famous attractions in Los Angeles.

Griffith Park

It’s always a good idea to commune with nature, the frequency of it doesn’t matter. When you are in the Los Angeles area, there is only one place to go to that will give you the perfect outdoors treatment. Griffith Park is a large park right at the eastern end of the Santa Monica mountains.

Even though it is meant to be a place to commune with nature, the park has several developments within it that make it the ideal place to host public events and even enjoy stunning views of the surrounding Los Angeles Basin.

Perhaps the best place to go to while in the park is the Griffith Observatory. You can get to see a variety of space and astrophysics related information in the gallery. You can also break out your camera skills and take stunning images of Downtown LA, the Hollywood sign and the Pacific Ocean from this wonderful vantage point. 

The Music Center of Los Angeles County

You may have probably seen this shiny silver building in various movies and TV shows that left you wondering what it is for. The artistic design that is simply striking to the eye and stands out as a work of art is famous for the kind of activities that are held within.

From orchestra performances, with accompanying operas, to the various musicals that make this center their temporary residence, the Los Angeles Music Center is known for receiving an average of 1.3 million visitors annually.

Perhaps the most stunning feature of the Performing Arts Center is the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Built as a tribute to one of the world’s premiere animators and filmmakers, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is famous for the stainless-steel shell covering the building.

Built to take on a crowd of over 2,400 people, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is the home of the Los Angeles Master Chorale, as well as the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Getty Center

Los Angeles has something for everyone. The enthusiasts of the wide-open spaces have the Griffith Park to turn into their Mecca. For those who love the beauty that architecture can add to the landscape, the Getty Center is your Jerusalem.

The Getty Center is built on a hill. Accessing it is via a cable car that is connected to a parking lot built at the bottom of the hill. This is just the beginning of the thrill that awaits you. The architects of the center took advantage of the ridges at the top of the hill to bless the people of earth with a stroke of genius.

If you decide to take a trip through the center, then prepare to feat your eyes on some of the best paintings and sculptures that have ever graced this earth. There are also a variety of decorative arts and photographs that have adorned this gallery for the longest time. Perhaps, the best feature of the gallery is one of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings.

The La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

There’s another side to nature other than the green trees and the fresh air. The earth is alive and from it, various things arise. In some, it could be gases, in others, it could be water but in the middle of Hancock Park, there are tar pits formed from heavy oil sipping from the ground.

With a deceptive covering of dust, the tar pits look like normal ground in some places and some hapless animals made the mistake of running into them. The tar pits ended up trapping them, preserving their bones for thousands of years. 

This made for some interesting discoveries to settlers of the area, leading to various excavations and the eventual founding of a museum on the site. You can get to see the various skeletons of animals found in the pits. These include sabre tooth tigers and mammoths.

 And yes, dire wolves are an actual thing, not just in Game of Thrones lore.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Are you a fan of the arts? Well, does LA have a treat for you.

The LA County Museum of Art is considered to be the largest in the western United States. That should begin to tell you the scope of things you are going to see and experience while inside. When you are done taking a look at the cruel jokes that nature can play at the La Brea Tar Pits, the LACMA is just adjacent.

The LACMA is famous for the multitude and diversity of galleries that it has within its walls. From the myriad of Etruscan, Greek and Roman art, to the best that Islamic Calligraphy has to show the world, you won’t lack anything that would be to your liking.

The LACMA is also a champion of modern and contemporary art as well as having an extensive gallery of photography.

Public Art "Urban Light"

It has always been the dream of man to pass down knowledge to the up and coming generations. This gives them a grounding of where the society has come from, and where it is heading. It is not always that these things would be passed down through education and literature. A lights show can do it just as good.

The Urban Light project is a grouping of 202 lamp posts arranged in a grid. These lamp posts come from the various eras in LA street lighting history. Some of the lamp posts are as old as the 1920's, with most having been restored.

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