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Office Cleaning Los Angeles

By hiring an office business service cleaning maintenance company, those responsible for the companies will ensure that everything works correctly, which will improve the productivity of their workers. In addition, they can be calm because if there is a breakdown, the maintenance services will solve it quickly.

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The maintenance of an office requires a lot of organization since there are many tasks to be carried out and facilities to review. For this, maintenance activities are divided into different action plans.

  • Corrective plan: It consists of repairing breakdowns; the response of the office maintenance sections must be quick and effective.
  • Predictive plan: Analyze the behavior of electrical installations, air conditioning, elevators, and fire detectors. For example, if they consume more energy than normal, it could be a sign that something is wrong.


In order for the entire office maintenance cleaner plan to be carried out, it is necessary to do planning knowing how long it takes in each of the tasks and the periodicity of the revisions to be effective.


Once it is known, it is necessary that professionals have the necessary training and that they are well organized so that all office maintenance activities are effective.

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Choosing the business cleaning company is an important decision since it will influence the productivity of the workers and the development of their activities. 

To do this, they must ensure that office maintenance services are carried out following basic guidelines:

  • Sustainability
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in maintenance activities
  • Innovation
  • Good homework planning
  • Commitment to follow up maintenance services
  • Quick response in the management of notices, work orders and incidents

To know the state in which the facilities and equipment are located, office cleaning professional companies need a technical report so that the company is aware of the work to be done in its building.


Once the tasks have started, the maintenance service company will make periodic reports of improvements that will recommend measures for energy savings and prolonging the useful life of the facilities and equipment.


Depending on the characteristics of the building and the work carried out in the offices, different office maintenance companies will be needed; for this, there are companies specialized in different fields:

  • Elevators
  • Fire extinguishers and safety
  • Buildings, facade, and exterior
  • Electrical installations
  • HVAC appliances
  • Computer equipment
  • Office cleaning
  • General cleaning

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This office cleaning services los angeles gets the contracts signed with the different companies to review, repair, and maintain the best possible conditions of use of the equipment and facilities in the Greater Los Angeles Area. 

The contracts signed by the companies dedicated to the maintenance of offices are based on the following points:


  • Start and end date of the contract
  • Terms
  • Number of equipment and facilities and their status
  • If spare parts are included, all or part of them
  • Number of visits and review period
  • Fees, payment methods and updates
  • The cost of office maintenance depends on the number of hours the company hires. The more hours you hire, the better price/hour.


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Office cleaning is very important for workers to have a good environment, but it requires time and professionalism since each of its parts needs different cleaning techniques and products. The following office maintenance manual details the most important points to follow to have a clean office.


Furniture Cleaning


It is very important to dust every day from all tables, shelves, and other office surfaces.


An office full of dust is not only harmful to the health of workers but also gives a very bad image to visitors or customers who come to it. In addition, dust and dirt may be responsible for the malfunction of machines and installations.


For the cleaning and maintenance of furniture, different products must be used depending on the materials. Here is a list of the most common materials and how each one should be cleaned:


Upholstered Furniture


  • They absorb a lot of dirt and dust.
  • Chairs and sofas have to be vacuumed daily.
  • Every so often, you have to do a deep cleaner with textile cleaning products.
  • In the case that the furniture is made of leather, they need moisturizing products.

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Tables, Shelves And Synthetic Cabinets


This type of furniture is usually made of conglomerates covered with melanin resin. They are closed and dust-free surfaces that make cleaning very simple. With dusting and passing a cloth with soap, the result is good.


If the furniture is made of wood, they are usually covered with varnishes and waxes; to clean them, it is necessary to pass a damp cloth with a neutral solution so as not to damage the surface.


Disinfection Of Electronic Devices


Telephones or computer equipment, not only accumulate a lot of dust but can also be the focus of infections as many people use them.


The headphones can involve infections of diseases by mouth. They are usually of little importance as colds or flu, but we can avoid it with daily cleaning of the headphones with disinfectant products.


Computer Equipment


Monitors, mice, and computers can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth and an anti-static product. To clean the keyboard, in addition to removing dust, the keyboard must be vacuumed carefully to clean the interior.


When cleaning electronic devices, the following precautions must be taken into account:


  • Do not use abrasive cleaning products, such as ammonia, acetone, or alcohol.
  • You should not spray the screen directly, and it is better to wipe the damp cloth. This will prevent the liquid from sneaking around the edges.
  • Be careful with the cloths used to avoid scratching.
  • Disconnect the devices to avoid mishaps.


Floor Cleaning


That the floors are clean and shiny forms a very important part of the office cleaner process because, in addition to giving a good image, we will help maintain them in good condition.


For the result to be good, it is necessary that the products and techniques necessary for each type of material are used.


Hard Pavements


If the flooring is natural, such as marble, granite, or terrazzo, it is necessary to pass a cotton mop every day and scrub it with water and a neutral product.


In the case that the pavement of the office is artificial, for example, of stoneware, with passing the mop daily and scrubbing it with water and detergent is sufficient for the result to be good.


  • Many offices have their floors covered with carpets, which have complicated maintenance and cleaning because they accumulate a lot of dust and dirt.
  • For them to be clean, it is necessary that they are aspirated daily.
  • Cleaning with injection machines or dry foam is done frequently.


General Office Maintenance Activities


There are a number of tasks that must be performed every day for offices to keep clean.


  • Waste collection
  • Emptying and cleaning bins
  • Moping or sweeping of all floors
  • Dust the furniture
  • Cleaning and disinfection of toilets, pavement
  • Cleaning of cleaning accessories and stored in a clean and enclosed space


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Office cleaning services maintenance is a very important part for companies for many reasons:

  • It is the workplace of many people, and the better the environment, the more productive they will be.
  • Hygiene is important because when many people pass through the offices, it is important that there are no sources of infection; for this, it is necessary that cleaning and disinfection be effective.
  • Good maintenance prevents future breakdowns and stops the work of employees.
  • The good condition of the facilities makes the offices safer.
  • The maintenance of the offices and the proper functioning of the facilities will save energy.
  • If you are looking for work in this field, look at these jobs as a cleaner.
  • Furniture Cleaning

    These would be one of the first pieces to consider in the office cleaning protocol.


    In them, the most important thing is to eliminate dust, but it should not be a task that is carried out in limited periods or from time to time, but, if possible, it should be removed every day so that it does not accumulate.


    We should pass a rag to the shelves, drawers, tables, and other surfaces.


    Electronic Devices


    Electronic devices also accumulate a lot of dust. It is usually because they are located in fixed places on top of a piece of furniture and often in corners so that they do not get in the way.


    In addition, they are used by many employees, which entail the accumulation of bacteria. Thus, telephones or computer equipment must be subject to good cleaning and disinfection. Thus, we will prevent infections from flu or constipation by supporting the telephone receiver or by using the computer keyboard and mouse.


    When cleaning this type of equipment, we must take some precautions:


    • Unplug them from the light to avoid dislikes. Be very careful with this!
    • Do not use rags that can cause scratches
    • The cleaning material used must not be aggressive (acetone, alcohol, etc.)


    Floor Cleaning


    Another of the things we have to clean in an office cleaning protocol is the flooring.


    Of the elements that will attract the most attention and will give a sense of cleanliness is the office floor. As it is stained, no matter how clean the rest is, the projected image will be negative.


    To achieve an excellent result, we must use different cleaning products and methods depending on the soil material.


    In the case of hard and natural pavements, such as marble, granite, or terrazzo, we must use a cotton mop. It is convenient to spend it every day of the week or at least the days that we will be in the office before the day begins. Then, it is advisable to scrub the floor with water and some neutral product.


    In the case that it is a hard and artificial pavement, we must pass the mop and scrub with water and detergent.


    Instead, carpets and carpets require much more special care.


    This type of soil accumulates a lot of dust, microbes, and dirt. Therefore, the most effective way to clean them is by vacuuming, the more days, the better, but also, we must pass some injection machine and dry foam regularly to remove all kinds of dirt well.


    Other Objects


    Small objects that may be supported on tables, furniture, and shelves or similar should be lifted to clean the area well. In the same way, the bins must be emptied, cleaned with neutral detergent, and change their bags.


    If we follow this office cleaning protocol, we will get to work in a nice place. Office cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization is a task that maintenance and cleaning companies like ours do. But not only have we just offices but also we develop worked cleaning floors, communities, garages, etc.

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