Workplace Cleaning Checklist

How do you feel when you walk into an untidy environment? Uncomfortable, right? This is the same feeling that clients and customers get when they walk into a dirty office. In some cases, it becomes a challenge to clean offices surfaces regularly as is required, especially in a company where there is no designated team to handle your office cleaning checklist.

However, you can still manage things with a proper list to guide you. Note down those products you are going to use, the areas to be cleaned, and by who.

Office Cleaning Checklist Template

Leaves positive impressions

A tidy workspace will help to create a good impression on clients and potential customers that walk into your office. As an entrepreneur, you understand how important firstclean impressions are for businesses. when it comes to turning new leads into paying customers.

Reduces costs

How so? With a daily checklist, all the personnel in your office will know how and when to deal with dirt. This prevents the development of stains and other tough dirt, that would require expensive help to remove.

Boosts productivity

Research has proven that working in a clean and tidy environment is usually more productive. A clean workspace reduces the number of workers falling sick, which boosts their morale and quality of work.

Creates a safer workspace

Office cleaning helps to remove clutter and obstacles that can cause injury to employees. It also ensures that floors are dry and clean, which prevents slips and falls.

Facility Cleaning Checklist Template

For effective cleaning, create three cleaning lists; a daily cleaning list, a weekly cleaning list, and a monthly cleaning list. The tasks that you place in any of the lists will be determined by the cleaning needs that your office space has.

Daily cleaning list

This list comprises of those tasks that have to be carried out to make the office a habitable place for office users. Tasks in this list will be more inclined to addressing needs in communal areas like the kitchen, washrooms, and reception area.

cleanerEveryday duties to be carried out include:

  • Wiping employee desks and other work surfaces
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the washrooms
  • Wiping handles, switches and all areas touched by many people
  • Emptying the waste bins
  • Stocking toilet paper and refilling disinfectants
  • Mopping the floors

Weekly checklist

Your weekly cleaning list should include those roles that help to create a healthier and comfortable workspace. Weekly

Tasks include:

  • A full clean of the bathroom
  • Washing the trash cans
  • Cleaning office windows, inside and outside
  • Clearing out and cleaning the fridge if your office has one
  • Polishing hardwood surfaces in the office

Monthly checklist

A monthly cleaning task list often contains fewer items compared to the daily weekly checklists. Tasks placed in this list can be neglected without placing the office space health at jeopardy. For most of the monthly office cleaning needs, it is best to use professional services. This is because these tasks require skill and the use of products that you may lack.

Monthly tasks include:

  • Vacuuming fabrics and vents
  • Deep cleaning surface areas

Office Cleaning Schedule Daily Weekly Monthly

To ensure that all tasks are accomplished as expected, you should have an employee cleaning tasks inspection checklist. It helps you to track how each task in the daily, weekly, or monthly list has been executed. With this template, it becomes easier to spot gaps in your washing routine, which will help you to take necessary action.

Office Cleaning Checklist Pdf

Follow the lists to the latter. Do not relent when it comes to executing tasks on your employee cleaning schedule. Urge and motivate employees to carry out their duties on time and in the required manner.

Involve everyone

Office work-spaces have people of different ranks, and a great way to ensure that everyone cares for the environment is by involving all of them in the schedule. Even the topmost managers should be encouraged to clean out their desks and not depend entirely on junior staff.

Limit food consumption to specific areas

Designate a room where employees can warm and enjoy their meals. In your employee cleaning schedule, assign people that will ensure that the room is cleaned every time people finish using it.

Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

Another important area that requires special attention in the workplace is the floor. A lot of dust settles on the floor as people move in and out of the premises, and if the dust is not removed, it can cause even tougher stains that will be hard to clean. However, how often you clean the floor should depend on the amount of traffic a given area receives.

Areas with high traffic in the workplace may require you mop daily, while those with minimal traffic can do with a simple sweep.

Some areas in the office like the kitchen floor should be treated with care because of the high likelihood of having spills. When washing the kitchen area, ensure that the floor is properly dried. Also, make sure that you are using the correct items when cleaning the floor lest you cause more damage in the process. Remember, different flooring requires different attention.

Some of the duties that comprise proper floor washing include:

  • Scrubbing the hard surfaces to remove any tough dirt
  • Applying a new finish
  • Inspecting edges and corners for any hidden dirt
  • Extracting and getting the office carpets cleaned

Work Cleaning Checklist Template

The importance of having an office cleaning checklist cannot be overstated. Having one will save your business from embarrassing situations and have a high impact on the business’s performance in general.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that some surfaces should only be cleaned by the professionals. You can get our services.

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